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On Hold TELEMMERCIALS®          


Every business puts callers on hold. It’s a fact of life that rarely anyone escapes doing -- no matter how hard they try.

Click To Hear Our Spiel.

In a national research poll, 85 percent of the people placed on hold reported they would rather hear messages about that business than canned music or a radio.

And of that 85 percent, 15-20 percent report buying something they heard advertised while on hold. Want to see the survey? Click Here.

Powerful numbers when you consider the numbers of callers to your business each year, and the revenue per sale that you might expect to generate.

The Image Generators has a national clientele of businesses ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to mom-and-pop small businesses that are striving to create a bigger-than-life image to their customers. Our productions incorporate legal licensed music, so the copyright issues that a radio on-hold can create are eliminated. We use nationally recognized voice talent-- heard by literally tens of millions of people each day on hold and on the telephone systems at major government agencies and corporations around the US.

To help you get started with Telemmercials on hold advertising service, we have prepared some helpful forms to use. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print.

Get Adobe Reader

Step 1. Can your phone system handle Music On Hold playback?  (if you have music playing, you can do this!)
Step 2. Let's write your on hold script. This form will give you some ideas. We will help you write it.
Step 3. Place your order.
Step 4. Once your digital repeater is received, remove it from the box and make sure you have the a/c adapter and cables. If you have a telephone service technician helping you, give him/her this form.
Step 5.Your new repeater will hold the messages on a Flash Drive. We will email your new Telemmercials® on hold production for you to copy and paste in the Flash Drive. Turn the repeater on, call your office from your cell phone and get placed on hold to adjust the volume.  

If you need any assistance with on hold messages that aren't answered here, please contact us!

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For More Information Contact:

The Image Generators
18156 Darnell Drive, Olney, MD 20832
Tel: 301-924-5700
FAX: 240-363-0062
Internet: info@imagegenerators.com

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We believe in referring business to some of our vendors when they have done a particularly good job for us. The companies below have worked with us and we recommend them.

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