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Advertising On Hold Telemmercials®

In a national research poll, 85 percent of the people placed on hold reported they would rather hear messages about that business than canned music or a radio. And of that 85 percent, 15-20 percent report buying something they heard advertised while on-hold. Those are powerful numbers when you consider the numbers of callers to your business each year, and the revenue per sale that you might expect to generate.

I-casting (Podcasts)

Using 33 years of broadcast, journalism and advertising/marketing experience, The Image Generators craft an I-cast that brings a credible message to the listener with a fully produced program. We bring the message to life, and deliver to the people you want to reach, one person at a time.


The Image Generators create a 30 to 60 second WebTALK™ message that plays while a visitor views the pages on your site. A message that follows the theme of the page, but in the spoken word, with music and a real human voice added to give it more impact. Using streaming audio, your WebTALK™ message is coupled to your page to give it a more dynamic look, feel and sound for your viewers.

Radio Commercials and Television Voice-Overs

From concept to execution, the production of effective radio commercials starts with an understanding of the objectives of the client as it relates to the target audiences that are most likely to respond to the message. Good production of advertising involves the listener/viewer by touching him or her, moving them emotionally to some level of awareness and creating a response.

The Image Generators productions touch people, stimulating them to respond. Our full service in-house production facility at our offices allows us to respond quickly and effectively to a rapidly changing marketplace, and that gives you the flexibility of reactivity as well as pro-activity in your media marketing, while maintaining consistently high quality.

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The Image Generators
18156 Darnell Drive, Olney, MD 20832
Tel: 301-924-5700
FAX: 240-363-0062
Internet: info@imagegenerators.com

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