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Marketing Communications        

Around here, we've coined the term Excognition®, which in its simplest form, is the process of brainstorming → idea generating → vision development → goals and objectives → strategies and tactics → development  → testing  → tweaking → launching  → reporting → adjusting  → monitoring  → brainstorming  and over again. Every idea has a lifecycle: Some ideas last longer than others. Most never make it past the first step. But by using our innovative methods of drawing out ideas from our team and our clients in a collaborative manner, the strength of the team creates ideas that might otherwise not have been birthed by an individual alone. Good marketing and advertising, like human beings, cannot live on an island.

Web Based Marketing Services: 

This includes consultation, development and implementation for:

  • Website design and maintenance services
  • Search engine development
  • E-mail marketing
  • Interactive marketing
  • Online media management
  • Web based training
  • Web casting
  • Web video conferencing
  • Section 508 compliance: including captioning services

    Activities related to electronic marketing services

Specialized Marketing Services

Market Research and Analysis Services: 

We identify and analyze target markets, determine marketing trends, create public awareness of products, services, and issues, develop or enhance customized strategic marketing plans, and judge the effectiveness. This includes

  • Developing or enhancing customized strategic marketing plans
  • Creating branding initiatives
  • Creating public awareness of products, services, and issues
  • Identifying and analyzing target markets
  • Establishing measurable marketing objectives; determining market trends and conditions; identifying and implementing appropriate strategies
  • Conducting focus groups, telemarketing, individual interviews, preparing/distributing surveys, and compiling/analyzing results

Conference, Events, and Tradeshow Planning Services: 

To manage and take care of all arrangements for conferences, events, seminars and trade shows providing:

  • Project management
  • Coordination and implementation of third party participation
  • Collection management of third party payment for participation
  • Liaison support with venue
  • Audiovisual and information technology support
  • Topic and speaker identification
  • Site location research
  • Reservations of facilities
  • On-site meeting and registration support
  • Editorial services
  • Automation and telecommunications support
  • Design and editing productions
  • Mailing and other communication with attendees including pre/post meeting mailings, travel support and computer database creation

  • Commercial Photography Services

If you need black and white, color or digital photographs for use in commercial advertisements or illustrations that will appear in books, magazines or other media, we can help. Available photographers have expertise in:

  • Aerial photography
  • Architectural photography \
  • Digital photography
  • Still/field photography
  • Studio photography
  • Related services such as photo editing and high-resolution scans

    Radio Ready / TV Ready News

The preparation, production and distribution of audio news releases, video news releases and other media is an essential component of a good marketing mix.

Fast Action Computer Telephone Surveys

Our resources allow us to initiate a focused telephone survey or message delivery campaign to over 50,000 telephone numbers per hour. Survey results are typically higher because of the volume called, giving you more certainty as to the results.

On-Hold Telemmercials®

Callers are inevitably placed on hold while their requests are being processed. Our unique program integrates your agency’s marketing messages to be played to a captive audience. A proven way to deliver your messages in an often over-looked genre. On-Hold messages significantly increase caller willingness to hold, and keep callers informed and entertained while listening to



Sometimes you just need an outside opinion on a project, idea or problem. Ideas from outside the box. Rent our brains to shoot concepts, ideas, approaches, modifications, kick around concepts. We call it Excognition®. You'll call it smart. Very smart.

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